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what we still don't understand about education

education is limiting

by design, education systems are limiting. what you studied 10 years ago has obviously been upgraded today. this means focusing on grades and/or coming in as a gold medalist is useless.


here's a thought experiment:

you learned only about primary colours because those were a part of your syllabus while your child learned about primary and secondary colours so does that mean that your child is better at colours than you? no. it means that your education was limiting because your syllabus only included primary colours. as a byproduct of this scenario, yes, your child is better at colours.

unless it's possible to upgrade education for everyone every living second, education will always be limiting.

education is a starting point

a lot of people look at education as an end game, i.e., if i educate myself in astronomy, i know everything about astronomy and can build a star on my own. no. education in astronomy is only a starting point. this is one of the reasons so many students are given additional training right after they graduate and get into a new company.


what this translates to is education is just a means to figure out what you really like and then pave your own path to learn more about it.

education is teaching all the wrong things

the education industry's value system is built around what to teach rather than what students learn. this discrepancy hurts the students more than students really understand. imagine if the current focus of educators around doing x in a certain way was replaced by educators focusing on what the students really want and grooming them to get it or by instilling some foundational values like curiosity, resilience, learning, adapting to change -- the world would look so much different and better.

focus more on how you learn. educate yourself over and over again. the world is ever changing and only education will just hold you back.

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